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Guerilla Baseball Academy established in 2009 by Brent Pourciau. Brent after retiring from the game he loved in 2006, moved back to his home town and started the Guerilla Baseball Academy to help educate the local baseball athletes on top level pitching, hitting, fielding, strength and conditioning, nutrition and much more.

He chose “Guerilla” vs “Gorilla” Baseball Academy because the name “Guerilla” as in “Guerilla Warfare” represents the purpose of this baseball academy and its work to overcome the conundrum of conventional wisdom that plagues American baseball. The definition of Guerilla Warfare is the unconventional warfare and combat with which a small group of combatants use mobile tactics to combat a larger and less mobile formal army. We believe baseball has not evolved with science and to excel in the game today you must learn to use the revolutions of digital science to become more mobile and dynamic as a baseball player.

“Gorilla” also represents our style of baseball which was first used to describe the LSU Tigers in the 90’s when they were known as the Biggest, Strongest and Fastest team in the NCAA. Our style of training baseball players is based on the Bigger, Stronger, Faster approach.

Read Brent’s BIO to learn more.

Brent Pourciau

Professional Pitcher

Brent Pourciau was born in New Orleans, LA. He grew up in Covington, La. where he played football, basketball and baseball for St. Paul’s High School. When Brent reached high school he narrowed his organized athletics down to just football and baseball. Brent developed a very strong arm in High School becoming the Ace Pitcher as a sophomore. His senior year he helped his team to the Semi-Finals losing to the team, which had won the State Championship the past six years and was ranked 5th in the nation by USA TODAY, 2-1.

Brent was a late bloomer and was offered a full scholarship to Delgado Junior college to have a few more years developing in size and strength. He began the year pitching the opening game of the season. In the fourth inning Brent blew out his rotator cuff and immediately had rotator cuff surgery to repair the tear.

During the surgery the Doctor shaved the acromion back to open the shoulder joint, which gives the joint more room to rotate, to help prevent the injury from occurring again. The side affects were added pressure to the muscles that hold the arm in place. Because of this procedure the Doctor said Brent would not be able to throw as hard as he did before the injury. He was advised to try another sport.

This marked the beginning of Brent’s continuous devotion to the athletics of pitching. Brent read every book he could find that would maybe one day allow him to pitch again in college. It took two years until he could actually throw a ball off of the mound. He then soon discovered that his arm wasn’t going to get any stronger. He worked with two well known physical therapists and two well known doctors before they informed him that they could not do anything to help his condition. The last Doctor labeled his condition as chronic tendentious. Brent refused to accept this diagnosis and began to seek out the help of a personal trainer and a massage therapist. He was lucky enough to train under the supervision of the Olympic Lifting Coach Gayle Hatch’s protege Kurt Hester. The first year he spent training with the Olympic lifts his fastball increased six mph. What he learned was as he grew stronger, all around, he could throw harder. Brent spent countless hours in the weight room building the frame that eventually developed the power to throw a 94 mph fastball. This occured six years later during a Professional Minor League season.

Not only did Brent play college baseball again but he was the winning pitcher in the Conference Championship game. He moved on to have a Professional career playing in Europe and for an Independent Minor League Organization in San Diego, California.

Through hard work, both physically and mentally, Brent learned the secret to velocity and longevity. Not many athletes have the opportunity to start their careers again from the beginning and work their way to the top, with a total understanding of how they did it!

“You can learn so much more from adversity than from a gift!”


3 year Ace Pitcher – Saint Paul’s High School 5A – 1993-1995
Semi-Finals in State

1 year Starting Pitching – Delgado Community College – 1996
Miss-Lou Conference Champions

* Rotator cuff surgery

Come back season
1 year Relief Pitcher – Centenary College D1 – 1998

3 year Starting Pitcher – Spring Hill College NAIA – 1999-2001
GCAC Champions/NAIA Regional Playoffs

1 year Ace Pitcher – Mortsel Stars Antwerp, Belgium – 2001
European Cup winners

1 year Starting Pitcher – San Diego, Surf Dawgs – 2006
1st round draft pick Golden Baseball League

Watch the video of Brent Pourciau vs Jose Canseco, both in their final professional season.