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Labor Day Rookies Baseball Camp

Just because it is labor day doesn’t mean Guerilla Baseball isn’t open! Signup for our popular Labor Day Rookies Baseball Camp.

The camp dates are August 30th-September 1st. That is a Saturday – Monday from 9am-3pm. This is going to be a great camp because we are now in our new 7,000 square foot facility in the old Penske Automotive Center in KMart.

We have tons of space, beautiful turf, qualified instructors and the best Wiffle Ball tournament in the State. The camp is for all ages and all levels of baseball. Our mission is to teach the latest in baseball training and make sure everyone has a blast playing the game.

Labor Day Guerilla Baseball Camp Includes:

  1. Throwing/Pitching Instruction us the 3X Pitching System
  2. Hitting Instruction using the new Guerilla Power Hitting System
  3. Fielding Instruction
  4. Strength and Conditioning for all ages
  5. Speed and Agility for all ages
  6. Wiffle ball Tournament

Register Today for $99 for the 3 day camp!

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