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Guerilla Baseball Classes are Back!

Guerilla Baseball Hitting/Throwing/Fielding/Pitching/Catching classes are back starting the 18th of July. If we get a good turnout we will keep them going into the school year. Please help spread the word!


All classes are $20 per class for non-members and $10 for Guerilla Members.

Visit classes here at the Guerilla Baseball Calendar.

You must have a reservation to attend a class. To make your reservations Text or Call 985-377-9249 or email with the date and times you plan to attend. You only need to RSVP the day before or the day of the class.


$50 per month and you will receive member discounts to all classes, camps and private instruction. You also have access to the facility by appointment only. To sign up for your Membership TODAY visit here and select the SUBSCRIBE button.


If you sign up for a Guerilla Membership TODAY you will receive 3 Guerilla Baseball classes for FREE! If you recommend 3 friends to sign up for a Guerilla Membership this month then you will receive a MONTH of FREE classes!

If you have any questions about the memberships or classes, please contact me here. See you at Guerilla!

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  1. Interested in having 8 year old take classes. What are the schedules and fees?
    Thanks, Linda

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