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Guerilla Baseball Travel Team Tyrout

Overview: A new U12 is being formed for players in the Mandeville area. Tryouts will be held:

Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 4:30 PM at the Red Fields at Pelican Park following the last Pelican Park League games

Monday, October 4, 2010 at 6:00 PM at Guerilla Baseball in Mandeville behind Kmart

Mission and Team Philosophy: To form a U12 Travel Team to compete in the 2011 season at the AA level. The intent is to form a team that develops baseball skills and knowledge for a group of boys that will play together in 2011 with the likelihood of continuing in 2012 at U13 for those team members that do not move on to School Sponsored teams. Players will be selected based on baseball ability, but equally important attitude and willingness to be a good team member. While winning games is always the goal, this team will make player skills development the first priority. In particular, this team will be coached by former professional pitcher, Brent Pourciau, which will give all players the opportunity to develop their pitching skills.

Parental Involvement and support: Travel baseball is an intense activity, even at the lowest level of competition. It can require a significant commitment of time and financial resources. To help defray a portion of the financial cost, this team will be fully sponsored in terms of equipment, uniforms, and tournament fees. However, because this team will be professionally coached, there will be a monthly cost during the season, which will run from January 2011 through July 2011. This fee will pay for three or four days per week of Brent’s time and access to the Guerilla Baseball facility. It is anticipated that the monthly fee will be $125 per month, or $825 for the entire season.

Coaching: Brent Pourciau of Guerilla Baseball in Mandeville will coach this team.

Brent’s Resume

  • 3 year Ace Pitcher – Saint Paul’s High School 5A – 1993-1995 ?Semi-Finals in State
  • 1 year Starting Pitching – Delgado Community College – 1996? Miss-Lou Conference Champions
  • Rotator cuff surgery
  • Come back season?1 year Relief Pitcher – Centenary College D1 – 1998
  • 3 year Starting Pitcher – Spring Hill College NAIA – 1999-2001 ?GCAC Champions/NAIA Regional Playoffs
  • 1 year Ace Pitcher – Mortsel Stars Antwerp, Belgium – 2001?European Cup winners
  • 1 year Starting Pitcher – San Diego, Surf Dawgs – 2006? 1st round draft pick Golden Baseball League

Number of players: 11 or 12

Team name: To be determined


This team will have a corporate sponsor that will supply all uniforms, practice shirts, batting helmets, equipment bags, and tournament entry fees. It is anticipated that the team will have an operating budget of $6000 – $8000 for uniforms, equipment, and tournament fees.


  • Tryouts and team formation – October 2010.
  • Depending on interest, we may have some organized practices and enter one tournament in late November or December.
  • Practice begins – January 2011
  • It is anticipated that we will begin playing tournaments in March 2011 and play 2 – 3 tournaments per month through July, playing in approximately twelve tournaments March – July.

Contact Information:

Brent Pourciau – (985) 377-9249

Mike Foster – (985) 630-1737

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