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Guerilla hosting AIST tryouts for Italy, Prague and the DR

26baseball_wideweb__430x288-300x200Guerilla Baseball Academy is hosting tryouts for American International Sports Tours Baseball teams traveling and competing in Italy, Prague and the Dominican Republic. Tryouts are open to the public. If you make a team you will be given an invitation to travel with AIST to represent the USA in an opposing country.

The tryouts will be held on Saturday October the 17th at 1:00pm at Guerilla Baseball Academy in Mandeville. Please park in the K-Mart parking lot and walk over. If you plan to attend please contact us.

Here is a list of the events for more information follow the links to The player is responsible for funding his travel.

Dominican Republic Baseball Tour 2010

July 29 – August 5, 2010 Join us in the Dominican Republic where our select collegiate team will play against MLB Dominican Summer League teams. In the past we have played against some of the top young talent in the DR. In the past, we have played against the Mets, Diamond backs and other MLB Dominican Summer League teams. We will also play against local club teams as well. This is a great way to see how baseball truly is a part of life. Kids in the DR use baseball as there way out of the country and you get the opportunity to experience it first hand. You’ll be able to enjoy the beach right outside your hotel room at the 4 star all inclusive hotel throughout the week. This is by far the best valued tour AIST has to offer. It will be great competition vs. future MLB players as well as good food, comfortable accommodations and amazing sightseeing excursions…Read more

Italy Baseball Tour 2010

May 31 – June 10, 2010

On this tour you will spend time in Rome, Florence, San Marino, Remini Beach and Como with guided tours and some sightseeing on your own. Club level teams will be hosting us from all over Italy. We will play 5-7 games in an 11 day period. The competition here is very high and the sights are amazing…Read more

Prague Baseball Tour 2010

June 20-28, 2010

Prague Baseball week is an annual event that brings teams from several different countries. The Medieval city of Prague has beautiful architecture dating back to the 9th century. Teams that have participated in this tournament in the past are the Czech National Team, German National Team, Scotland, Engand, Australia, Sweden, Russia and others. The competition in this tournament is good and the event is well organized with awards given to top performances throughout the tournament…..Read more

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