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My Interview with Jim “The Rookie” Morris

Jim “The Rookie” Morris contacted me this morning and we finally did the interview. What a great 40 minutes of priceless information we put together in a video that is posted here.

You have to watch the entire interview because he reveals his secrets of how he overcame 9 surgeries and was able to throw 99mph and play Major League Baseball. It was such an honor to speak with him. He is full of valauble information and a real inspiration to listen too.

The most exciting parts about the interview with Mr. Morris is that his approach to pitching is my almost exact approach and it is the approach that is the foundation for the Ace Pitcher Handbook and the 3X Velocity Camp which is what I teach at Guerilla Baseball.

Ace Pitcher Handbook:

3X Velocity Camp Instruction Videos:

I highly recommend that you watch the interview because it is one of those pieces of information that you will continue to refer back to through your baseball career. I hope you enjoy it because I really did!

Brent Pourciau

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